Leak monitoring technology

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Protect your building and its contents

Subscribe to the AquaTrace leak monitoring technology and protect your roof using our unique OneDrop smart membrane


Data is sent to our cloud system

The OneDrop smart membrane will detect the state of your roof. The data is then sent to our cloud system and it is constantly analysed to ensure maximum protection.


Alert system for you

In the event of a leak initiating you will be promptly alerted through your subscription details: emails, app notifications...anything you need.

Our Benefits are Unique and Clear

Weekly data analysis and report

BIM / BMS Software integration

Real time notification

Asset Protection

Improved roof performance

Reduced insurance Premiums

Our founders

Mr. Ger Shortt

Managing Director

Ger is a business professional with 10 years at founder/director level in multinational companies specialising in new start-ups in multiple countries such Ireland, UK and UAE. Delivering strong market position and profits for all companies he founded. Founder and financier of Dalecom Ltd and Aquatrace Ltd, both companies driven by IP generation and innovations. Strong and proven background in sales, business development, company formations, new market strategies and high margin early to profit return on investment. Currently MD of Drytech Ireland, UK, UAE.

Dr. Diarmuid Jackson

Director of Development

Diarmuid is an experienced R&D Engineer and Project manager with a Doctorate in Mechanical engineering, a first-class honours in Civil engineering, and a First class honours in Civil/ Structural engineering.

Diarmuid has a passion for innovation and undertaking unique projects. This has been one of his driving forces. Currently he is developing a tech company with a SaaS model to produce a leak detection system for roofs, basements, and floors that makes use of cutting edge IOT technologies.

What they say about us

I am extremely excited about the peace of mind that this product offers and I am honoured for my studio to be the first AquaTrace official roof. I know now that my sculptures will always be safe.

Michael Warren

Sculptor & First Official Client

I believe this team has the ability and the enthusiasm to turn AquaTrace in a global market leader.

It's incredible to think that it took until 2019 to develop a technology that can monitor leaks on a roof in real time. Well done Team AquaTrace, problem solved.

Paul Gildea


The OneDrop membrane is extremely simple and versatile, I found it very easy to install and would definitely use it on all sites.

John Clarke

Site Manager

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