Intelligent Roofing Systems

AquaTrace has developed a unique patented IoT technology to monitor your roof for leaks. We bring 24/7 waterproofing performance monitoring to your building structure and assets.

Our unique warranty covers:

Unlimited period
Unlimited value
Loss of earnings   
Consequential damage


Embrace the change with AquaTrace.


We Provide solutions that meet your needs.

Improve your asset's performance


We offer a reliable and effective solution at every Stage of your Project.

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Design and Planning

By using the AquaTrace technology, the design team can demand higher waterproofing standards and have the data to know those standards have been met.

The AquaTrace technology is a great solution for any building development. In particular:
·        Residential projects
·        Office developments
·        Pharma
·        Data Centres

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Construction Stage

With AquaTrace, real time waterproofing performance will be known during the construction phase and will give confidence in the durability of the designed solution.

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Sign-off & Delivery

AquaTrace provides clear data to allow for a reliable assessment of the performance of any building before signing off and handing over to the next team.

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Building Life Cycle

Avoid the risk of costly and extensive water damage and exploit the benefit of a swift resolution without legal entanglements, costly delays and damage to the building and its contents with AquaTrace.

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We believe in AquaTrace. It is revolutionary. Thanks to Ger & team for their vision and perseverance. Good days are on the horizon!"

Kemal Guleryuz, Chairman at Gulermak
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AquaTrace have developed a technology that will take roofing into the digital age.
To know where and when a leak occurs is a valuable proposition for any client.

Intelligent roofing systems are the future and AquaTrace have the technology to realise that future."

Thomas Malone, National Roofing Manager, Kingspan
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A revolutionary and unique system that is easily integrated into smart building functions offering early warning on potential expensive maintenance issues that will safeguard both the structure and its contents.

With these additional protections in place, sizable reduction of  Insurance Premiums for both Building and Contents owners can be anticipated.

A "must have" for the IT industry".

John Milton, Industry Expert
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