Take the tech, Reduce the risk.


A monitored roof is a reliable roof.

By using AquaTrace, real time waterproofing performance will be known from construction phase and will provide confidence in the durability of the waterproofing layer. Our Technology removes questions about the original design responsibility, saves time, reputation, legal costs and results in higher working standards.


Offset the risk

The AquaTrace Intelligent Roofing System adopts the responsibility of ensuring the performance of the waterproofing layer. Should the AquaTrace system fail, our Efficacy Insurance will cover the cost of all damages and downtime caused as a result of this.


Quality Assurance

By using AquaTrace, the performance of all roofs will beknown before sign off. This provides all architects, engineers, and designers with peace of mind knowing that their waterproofing layers are performing as intended and works have been completed successfully.


Minimal Interference

The AquaTrace system adapts standard building materials to monitor roofs for leaks. Our innovative sensory technology allows any rigid foam board to become a smart sensor board, so there are no materials added to the build-up that are not already commonplace onsite.


Highly Versatile

AquaTrace’s ability to adapt standard building materials to monitor roofs allows our system to be implemented into virtually all flat roof build-ups, including green roofs. This versatility helps architects, engineers, and designers to easily implement our design into their projects while providing confidence in their roof’s waterproofing capabilities.


Clear and unique benefits when using AquaTrace. Never miss out on:

Real time 24/7 Leak Monitoring
Pinpoint the leak
Risk mitigation
Asset Protection
BIM/BMS Integration
Full independent warranty

We adapt standard building materials to monitor leaks

Description: Our technology and strategy is focused on adapting standard building materials, commonly used in the construction industry in the building of roofs, facades, basements, balconies, etc.. As such, we enable these materials to provide data pinpointing any weakness in a building’s waterproofing solution, in real time and with millimetre accuracy before the water enters the building.

AquaTrace not only detects a leak as soon as it occurs, it gives the user the ability to uniquely know its location, concentration and movement, before damage occurs to the building or its contents. This provides huge benefit to the key stakeholders by eliminating disruption to the occupants and reducing cost of repair.

/ Frequently Asked questions

What can AquaTrace do for you?

What size roof is covered?

The AquaTrace technology can cover any roof size. Each roof is designed with bespoke hardware and software.

Will it interfere with the build-up?

Our R&D Department has designed our product to be integrated seamlessly into the design build-up of a standard roof. We have adapted standard building materials for use in our leak monitoring system so the design process will remain the same.

How does it actually work?

The AquaTrace Intelligent Roofing System detects exactly when and where a leak happens in real time, while also determining the water concentration and movement underneath the waterproofing layer.

Does it work on Green Roofs?

Yes, the AquaTrace Intelligent Roofing System can be integrated seamlessly into green roof build-ups.

What happens if Aquatrace fails?

Should the AquaTrace Intelligent Roofing System fail, AquaTrace’s Efficacy Insurance will cover any damages and loss of earnings that may result from our system failing to perform.


See what industry leaders think about our Intelligent Roofing System:

"AquaTrace have developed a technology that will take roofing into the digital age. To know where and when a leak occurs is a valuable proposition for any client. Intelligent roofing systems are the future and AquaTrace have the technology to realise that future."

Thomas Malone
National Roofing Manager, Kingspan

“We believe in AquaTrace. It is revolutionary. Thanks to Ger & team for their vision and perseverance. Good days are on the horizon!”

Kemal Guleryuz
Chairman at Gulermak