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Your data, your power

AquaTrace allows building owners to monitor their roof in real time for leaks and water movement. Finding leaks before they enter the building is crucial to reduce damages incurred as well as avoiding downtime disruptions while repairs are under way.


Real-time knowledge

Owners can avail of the AquaTrace portal which delivers on demand real-time roof monitoring, notifications, Building Management System integration and mobile offerings.


Reduced Costs

In the event of a leak, the AquaTrace will alert all relevant stakeholders. before serious damage is done to the building’s structure and assets, thus reducing the cost of repairs and avoiding disruptions.


Faster Resolutions

AquaTrace will provide information of a leak location with pinpoint accuracy, allowing for fast repairs and resolutions.


Premium Protection

AquaTrace actively monitors the performance of your building’s waterproofing strategy. Should AquaTrace fail to monitor and protect your building, our Efficacy Insurance covers the cost of all structural and internal damages, as well as losses incurred due to downtime.


Clear and unique benefits when using AquaTrace. Never miss out on:

Real time 24/7 Leak Monitoring
Pinpoint the leak
Risk mitigation
Asset Protection
BIM/BMS Integration
Full independent warranty

Know the exact Location of any Leak in Real time.

AquaTrace not only detects a leak as soon as it occurs, it gives the user the ability to uniquely know its location, concentration and movement, before damage occurs to the building or its contents. This provides huge benefit to the key stakeholders by eliminating disruption to the occupants and reducing cost of repair.

By using our technology, our client can substantially reduce risk to their building, as leaks would be known before entering and damaging the structure, greatly reducing time, cost of repair, insurance premiums, consequential damage and removing the chances of litigation.

/ Frequently Asked questions

What can AquaTrace do for you?

Does it add any time to the building schedule?

The building schedule will remain the same length of time as AquaTrace adapts standard building materials for use in our monitoring system.

Will I avoid downtime?

AquaTrace’s Intelligent Roofing System avoids the need for downtime as it detects leaks before they enter your building. This will reduce disruption as well as the amount of work needed for reparations as the leak will not have entered the building.

How will my asset be protected?

Once the AquaTrace hardware installation is completed and certified, the AquaTrace sensor monitors the entire roof area 24/7 and will alert all relevant stakeholders in the event of a leak detection.

What does your guarantee cover?

Our Efficacy Insurance has an unlimited period and covers unlimited value, loss of earnings, as well as consequential damage

How much will it cost?

The cost of installation will vary depending on the size of the roof that is being monitored. There will also be a yearly subscription applied that will allow us to continuously monitor your roof. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you a cost estimate for your specific project.


See what industry leaders think about our Intelligent Roofing System:

"AquaTrace have developed a technology that will take roofing into the digital age. To know where and when a leak occurs is a valuable proposition for any client. Intelligent roofing systems are the future and AquaTrace have the technology to realise that future."

Thomas Malone
National Roofing Manager, Kingspan

“We believe in AquaTrace. It is revolutionary. Thanks to Ger & team for their vision and perseverance. Good days are on the horizon!”

Kemal Guleryuz
Chairman at Gulermak