Define the problem: Know when and where it happens.


Gain unique insights on the waterproofing performance in real time.

AquaTrace’s technology is installed within the typical build-up of the building element you choose to monitor, providing you with clear data on the workmanship and the effectiveness of the waterproofing solution specified. A unique solution for main contractors and sub-contractors alike to spot human error before the damage is done.


Easier Sign-off

Control the risk when signing off and achieve practical completion with total peace of mind. Leaks are not always a direct result of workmanship, as they commonly occur due to damage caused by follow-on trades.


Quick Turnarounds

You can now review your work, identify and correct issues for a faster sign-off procedure with the 100% reliability of a fully monitored building.  


Effective Repairs

You will be able to receive accurate real time data on the effectiveness of the repairs carried out, providing a better-quality finished product for your clients, while driving down remedial costs for you.


Pinpoint the Leak

As AquaTrace will pinpoint any leak location, this facilitates and significantly speed up repair works.


Clear and unique benefits when using AquaTrace. Never miss out on:

Real time 24/7 Leak Monitoring
Pinpoint the leak
Risk mitigation
Asset Protection
BIM/BMS Integration
Full independent warranty

We adapt standard building materials to monitor leaks

Our technology and strategy is focused on adapting standard building materials, commonly used in the construction industry in the building of roofs, facades, basements, balconies, etc.. As such, we enable these materials to provide data pinpointing any weakness in a building’s waterproofing solution, in real time and with millimetre accuracy before the water enters the building.

AquaTrace not only detects a leak as soon as it occurs, it gives the user the ability to uniquely know its location, concentration and movement, before damage occurs to the building or its contents. This provides huge benefit to the key stakeholders by eliminating disruption to the occupants and reducing cost of repair.

/ Frequently Asked questions

What can AquaTrace do for you?

Does it add any time to the building schedule?

The building schedule will remain the same as AquaTrace adapts standard building materials for use in our monitoring system.

Can I reduce my risk?

Absolutely, AquaTrace takes your risk through our unique Efficacy Insurance Policy. You will also avoid disruption, damage and repair costs to your asset.

As a sub-contractor, will I get confirmation that works are carried out correctly?

Yes, AquaTrace has been very mindful to keep our monitoring system easy to install and easy to check. During installation the system is easily checked in a sequenced process. AquaTrace enables you to check your work as you go, and to assist with your daily schedule.

What happens if I get a leak?

In the event of a leak, AquaTrace will alert the relevant stakeholders that their roof has been compromised. The system will pinpoint the leak, informed them of the severity and enables a the implementation of a remedial plan prior to water entering the building.

How do I sign off?

During construction and on completion the live AquaTrace system will indicate that status of your roof, enabling efficient and timely sign-off.


See what industry leaders think about our Intelligent Roofing System:

"AquaTrace have developed a technology that will take roofing into the digital age. To know where and when a leak occurs is a valuable proposition for any client. Intelligent roofing systems are the future and AquaTrace have the technology to realise that future."

Thomas Malone
National Roofing Manager, Kingspan

“We believe in AquaTrace. It is revolutionary. Thanks to Ger & team for their vision and perseverance. Good days are on the horizon!”

Kemal Guleryuz
Chairman at Gulermak