AquaTrace partners with MOY Materials to deliver Intelligent Roofing Solutions

AquaTrace partners with MOY Materials to deliver Intelligent Roofing Solutions

AquaTrace is happy to officially announce our partnership with MOY Materials Roof Waterproofing System Specialists to bring to market our Intelligent Roofing Solutions and Technology.

For decades Moy have been delivering high end roofing systems to their clients and today they enhance that offering by bringing ground-breaking technology to the industry. With buildings becoming ever smarter, we see a clear appetite in the market to utilize technology to define the performance of roofs on all buildings. Together with the team at Moy, we have completed the development of a reliable, economical, and simply installed Intelligent Roofing Solution, backed by our insurance and warranty.

Ger Shortt, Managing Director of AquaTrace commented:

“With Technology ever changing the performance of our buildings, we at AquaTrace have seen the need to develop an easy to use, reliable and economical way to bring Intelligent Roofs to buildings everywhere. Thanks to the Team at Moy, driven by Pat Farrell & Norman Stenhouse, we have finalised the development of our exciting technology through to its integration into Moy’s current roofing designs”.

AquaTrace is proud to be working alongside MOY Materials, who, for over 40 years, have been a leading provider of certified, tested and warranted roof waterproofing systems including Bitumen, Single Ply, Hot Melt, Green roofing, and Liquid. With the addition of our AquaTrace technology, MOY Materials is now the first provider of Intelligent Roofing Smart Monitoring Solutions in Ireland and the UK. Powered by AquaTrace, they now provide live monitoring of your roofing waterproofing performance 24/7 directly to your mobile or integrated into your existing BIM software.

The benefits of the AquaTrace patented technology are numerous: not only our technology can detect leaks immediately as they occur, but it also provides the client with their precise location, severity, and movement, before entering the building or damaging its contents. By using our technology, key stakeholders’ can avoid substantial risk to the building, as leaks would be known before entering the building, thus avoiding damage to the structure or its assets, minimising disruption, and warding off costly repairs.

AquaTrace has worked extensively to ensure that our unique IoT technology is seamlessly integrated with existing standard building materials and now, our partnership with Moy Materials defines the final steps in AquaTrace’s development and AquaTrace’s first steps into the market. We share Moy’s appetite for innovation and the relentless goal to bring reliable and next generation roofing solutions to the smart buildings of the future.

Intelligent Roofing Solutions will be commonplace in the coming years and with the partnership we have forged together, we can be market leaders in bringing that change.

Undoubtedly roofing has taken a giant leap forward.

If you would like to hear more or book a consultation email Subject line: Smart Monitoring or contact AquaTrace at

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