Meet our CTO

Dr. Diarmuid Jackson

Director of Development and Founder
1.    What inspired you to create the AquaTrace system?

I’ve always had a passion for figuring out how things work, I often take things apart and try to put them together in my own way… which more often than not doesn’t work out, as one of my motorbikes growing up can attest to! I’m an experienced engineer and worked in research and development all of my career even doing a Ph.D in Trinity College Dublin. I love trying to understand different phenomena and solve complex problems. My approach to engineering is always to come up with “simple” solutions to complex problems. I think smart engineering can provide applicable and robust inventions to the real world. Ger and I had been developing products for a while when he posed the question “Could we do something to find a leak in a roof”. My first thought was "does that not already exist?" and to my surprise it did not in any meaning full way. So, I jumped at the opportunity to create something that was completely new to the market, has clear potential and would solve a complex problem in the most simple, feasible approach was too good of an opportunity for me to pass up.  And so AquaTrace was born.

 2.    What does an average workday look like for you?

My workdays are never average. My typical day is always very hectic, and I would normally be overseeing, developing, and creating solutions for a multitude of items and tasks. I liaise very closely with our sales team in particular to ensure that everything I create has a clear, easy line with the market needs and what they understand.

3.    What is your favourite thing about your role in AquaTrace?

As an experienced R&D Engineer, I have a very strong passion for innovation, so creating and perfecting the AquaTrace system has been very exciting for me. I really enjoy getting a problem and beginning to solve it from a blank canvas, which worked really well with AquaTrace as there is no other intelligent roofing system as advanced as we wanted AquaTrace to be. This means we had no blueprints to follow but we also had no preconceived ideas of how this technology should be and this was key when trying to create a purely innovative product.

4. How is AquaTrace different to its competitors already on the market?

The AquaTrace system we’ve developed is the only intelligent roof system on the market actually monitors the waterproofing performance of a building and identifies leaks in real time before they even enter the building. For the most part, our competitors only detect leaks, but this occurs after the leak has entered the building and caused damage, so they then have to find the source of the leak. AquaTrace measures the concentration and flow of all moisture detected, notifying the stakeholders of a leak as it happens, along with the exact location of the source, so then they just need to repair the waterproofing layer.

5. What are your plans for the further development of the AquaTrace system?

AquaTrace has been designed from the ground up to be an extremely versatile system with a modular design. This allows AquaTrace to adapt the technology to other parts of the building. As of now, we are already working on optimising this intelligent technology for basements and much more, with pilot jobs under way. Our prospects are much bigger than just roofs, we are currently working on developing the system so that it can be incorporated into every element of the building envelope. This will include areas such as basements, facades, balconies, pipes, and podiums as well as roofs. At all times we are looking at ways to improve our current products to extract the most from them and to allow for better performance in all areas.

6. Where do you see AquaTrace in 5 years’ time?

AquaTrace has a lot of potential and a brilliant team behind it. There is a lot of room to grow both within the market and as a company so we’re very excited to see where we can take this technology. AquaTrace is developing very fast, so it will be very exciting to see how it will continue to grow in the future. I hope that by then AquaTrace will be household name.

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