The AquaTrace Vision

The AquaTrace Vision
AquaTrace was born as a dynamic and innovative company and as such we are continuously improving and expanding our horizons. In AquaTrace there is always space for new products and applications utilizing our unique monitoring platform.

 Our future developments will focus on adapting the current technology to:

• facades,

• balconies,

• Internal floors,

• basements.

AquaTrace’s next step will be to bring leak monitoring to the entire building to create a complete digital twin with actionable data.

We see this development as a natural progression for our technology. Work on these steps is already underway and will be available on the market as early as 2022, especially with regards to our intelligent basement monitoring. Stay tuned!

AquaTrace is also looking into integrating Augmented Reality to our current IoT system so that the data collected will be available to be reviewed in real-time on site set to give our user a unique and complete experience of our monitoring opportunities. This will ultimately result in faster and more effective leak repairs being carried out. To further the VR integration AquaTrace is actively developing its own image capture software to allow your entire building to be mapped into our monitoring environment. This will allow a client to visualize the exact location of their leak and to be able to monitor the leak progression over time.

As AquaTrace is providing the market with the first ever leak monitoring system it is important that it is important that we keep constantly learning from every single project.

With advances in technology AquaTrace is able utilizing AI to learn from and understand every lesson gleamed form a project at a speed and quality that can only be achieved with access to consistent data given by our systems onsite. Further to this AquaTrace is delving into the world of machine learning to further increase the scalability, speed, and accuracy of our system allowing us to always provide our clients with more and more information.

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