What AquaTrace can do for roofs

What AquaTrace can do for roofs

AquaTrace has brought to the market an innovative patent protected technology, with hardware and software working together, to provide a digital envelope to monitor the performance of your roof.

AquaTrace was conceived to resolve one of the biggest problems that occur in buildings every day – the high risk of water leaks and subsequent damage. Water ingress can be very difficult to find and often results in costly repairs, disruption, and loss of earnings for building owners and occupiers. With water damage representing 70% of litigation in construction, AquaTrace provides a crucial solution to all stakeholders in the building industry.

The team at AquaTrace have developed the world’s first truly intelligent roofing technology, providing real time waterproofing performance data, with integrated leak monitoring which achieved European, US, Asia, and PTC Patent Protection. We have worked very hard to ensure that our unique IoT technology is seamlessly integrated with existing standard building materials. AquaTrace technology is now available on the market, and we are setting new industry standards regarding the water performance of any building element.

AquaTrace embraces the potential of smart technology: hardware and software working together to enable the transition for buildings to become digital. We have developed an IoT system that monitors a building’s waterproofing performance in real time, with pin-point accuracy before the water enters the building, significantly mitigating any risk of water damage.

AquaTrace does not only detect leaks immediately as they occur but will also provide the client with their precise location, severity,and movement, before entering the building or damaging its contents. By using our technology, key stakeholders’ can avoid substantial risk to the building,as leaks would be known before entering the building, thus avoiding damage to the structure or its assets, minimising disruption, and warding off costly repairs.

AquaTrace provides all stakeholders with a clear strategy to control consequential damage and to reduce chance of litigation, while producing a new layer of information about buildings performance, all day, every day.

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