Halliday Mills


Halliday Mills is an interesting development, showcasing multiple roofs with different build-ups, which highlighted the ability of AquaTrace to adapt to different roofing and waterproofing strategies, from mechanically fixed PVC roofs, tapered ballast roofs and torch-on roofs.

The site was completed between November 2020 and January 2021, under the harsh conditions of the Irish winter which brought up the challenges of numerous rain showers, high moisture nights, and days with high humidity. These real-world conditions highlighted the strengths of the AquaTrace technology as we could provide real time data while the system was installed, which in turn showcased areas where moisture got trapped within the building layers.

AquaTrace provided precious feedback with regards to the water performance of a roof being installed in adverse weather conditions, clearly highlighting the roof fall in the wet map, and giving information with regards to the drying process.

A level of information that has never been available to stakeholders before.

 Most importantly, when it came to sign-off the work carried out on different sections of the roof, the snag process was made extremely simple by AquaTrace, as any issue in the integrity of the waterproofing membrane was found quickly and reliably. This included:

·        The influence of temporary works on the waterproofing solution

·        The influence of human error

·        The influence of follow-on trades

Halliday Mills is a great example of what the AquaTrace technology can provide for our stakeholders:

We can provide the power of confirming the integrity of the waterproofing membrane, distinguishing between active leak points and moisture trapped within the waterproofing solution.

We can also locate and correct active leak points at the sign-off procedure, giving our clients a roof that is 100% performing on delivery and the knowledge of real-time monitoring of such roof.

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